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The IP to Country Database

You can think of the IP-to-Country Database as the Internet's telephone directory. It gives you information on the geographical location of an IP address based on Internet infrastructure information.

Read the IP-to-Country Handbook or try the Demo.

*The IP-to-Country Database and Tools are provided FREE of charge by webhosting.info

General information about IP-to-Country
Submitted by jinesh on Sat, 06/21/2003 - 05:52.
The IP-to-Country Database and Tools can be used for:
  • Real Time Geo-Locating (Country)
  • Provide Location Aware Content (language, currency, etc.)
  • Corporate Websites/E-commerce (think global, act local)
  • Fraud Detection (Credit Card Fraud, etc.)
  • On-line Campaign (targeted Banner Ads)
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Web Server Log Analysis
  • Auto-selection of fields on forms (country, currency,language, etc.)
  • Filter access on basis of originating country
  • Spam Filtering
Corrections to Last Database Update
Submitted by jinesh on Mon, 02/04/2008 - 13:50.
The last update to the IP to Country database had several rows missing due to an error in our generation process. This has been rectified and the database updated to include the missing rows.

Apologies to all for any inconvenience this might have caused and thanks to our user Till Krüss for the heads up on this error.